Yan aka Deerhill and the second half of “Third Colony” with Julien from “The Clamps/Burr Oak” form the little indie IDM/SciFi electronica music label “Third Colony Music”. Their music is a lot about immersive storytelling and emotion, creating visual worlds of forgotten futures and alternative realities to get lost in.
Their mutual goal to create electronic music how they think it should be: deep, emotional, inspiring, beyond genre-boundaries.

As a senior 2D/3D motion designer and VFX / visual artist, Deerhill shares his skills to develop their “DIY” mood to stay as much independent as possible. The spirit and philosophy of the project are about passion, dedication and expressing ideas and concepts of possible scenarios for a near and far future.

It’s about evoking emotions we all share, traumas, bliss, fights, losses, hopes with and overall optimistic tone somehow. Third Colony is a safe haven for people to connect, express ideas freely and feel “home”. Heavily inspired by art, movies, comics, videogames, the visual aspect of TCM is as important as the sound to underline their philosophy.

As a Label, TCM is a shelter for artists they love and they have already released musical journeys from Opsen, Aethek, Kocky, Arcine…