It’s in the early 2000’s that LUV discovers electronic music: it’s an electroshock! Self-taught, she quickly started producing with machines for the pleasure of creating tracks and playing them live, in parties with friends. Her melodic techno on which she makes appear, from time to time, her voice like a ghost, presents a double facet, at the same time dark and luminous, dancing and soaring, with a will to grip and make vibrate the listener. 

Her second EP “They Used to Call Us Witches” follows, more eclectic 100% techno and invites to let go as much as to become aware – hers as much as ours.   Immediately moved by this anti-patriarchy message, LŪV composed a magnetic track with a bright future around the song of Chilean feminists, who took to the streets in October 2019 to protest against society’s gender violence.

Luv is an artist like no other who is to be followed very closely !